Car History Checks

Instantly view any vehicle history online

What will it check for?

Our free checks perform various analysis including:

  • ★ MOT Check
  • ★ Tax Check
  • ★ V5C Issue Date Check
  • ★ Exported Vehicle mark
  • ★ Historical MOT data

Do I need to check my next vehicle purchase?

Know the facts before you commit to buy a car.

Vehicles with outstanding finance and/or written-off by insurance could seriously affect their value.

Can you pay road tax for a car online?

You can use the GOV.UK website to tax your vehicle. If you're the current keeper then 11-digit ref. number from your log book (V5C) is required. Otherwise it's the 12-digit reference number from the 'new keeper' slip that you should have received when buying the vehicle.

Can you check how many owners a car has?

Number of previous keepes (exluding the current one) can be found on the V5C document so ask the seller to see the vehicle's log book. Otherwise you will need to purchase a paid vehicle check to reveal that sort of information.

What year is a 65 plate?

The 65 plate is for vehicles registered between September 2015 and February 2016

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